Sunday, May 22, 2011

Getting Started

Coming into paintball I always asked the question: "Does it hurt?" Come to find out it ended up hurting for two or three seconds. Once you get into it, it starts not to hurt. But if you go on a streak of not getting shot out it tends to surprise you. This will most likely only occur in woodsball. Speedball on the other hand, you will probably come out of each game with one or two new welts. Make sure you check the weather report, most fields play in the rain but if theres lighting you probably shouldn't go, wait for the next day or the next time your field is open. If your playing during the summer, depending on where you live, you will be to hot in two layers. If your going to the field when it opens, wear a long sleve shirt over a t-shirt. The shirts should be darker if your playing woodsball but if playing speedball it doesn't matter what you wear. Also make sure to visit you local fields web page or call to see if they have special deals on different days. Alls you need to bring is cloths, yourself, food, and water. Food should just be sandwhiches or fiber bars. something to keep you going. You don't need a whole meal it will slow you down. You should take a cooler of water but the easiest way to keep your water cool all day is to go to your closest grocery store and get one or two of thoughs gallon water jugs or fill an old milk jug halfway with water, tilt the bottel in the frezer but bake sure its like this: / or this \ not covering the top. in the mrning before you go fill the water rest of the way up with water or whatever your doing it with. To find fields closest to you clike on this link:

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  1. Did you wonder what if you can buy an automated paintball gun? I mean a real automated one, which can detect movement. Yes, a crazy company made it, and it worth $3000! BTW I found this monster on a site which is basically a funny price comparison app. Worth to check it! :)